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Ford F150 1985 v1.0
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Ford F150 1985 v1.0

no errors or warnings in game in log or server uploading because i have seen alot of peple complaining about input bindings, this is just a work around
doesn't get dirty yet

x to open tailgate
j & n to open driver door
k & m to open hood
Left shift j & n to open passenger door
Left shift k & m to open toolbox

Hope you enjoy and have great fun with this mod.

Adub modding



  • K


    2019-01-25 02:57
    2 6
    take the confed flag off of it and ill download it
  • Mike
    2019-01-25 06:21
    8 1
    No, leave the flag. People need to learn how to suck it up and not get offended by inanimate objects.
  • Superdad
    2019-01-26 00:39 Send message
    3 3
    Why would you want a flag of the losing team on your truck?
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-26 04:49 Send message
    4 0
    I love how people get offended by the smallest things. Keep that flag on.
  • Ethan
    2019-02-01 03:43
    1 0
    Lmao, superdad ^.^ True this.But really.. it IS the modder's choice >.> people do get too offended by that stuff... BUT ANYWAYS, this thang is nice too adubs, I would love to see an extended cab version, or even crew cab.. :3 love the hood man!We need more fun in mind with mod options, like this, thank you!^^^ That said I know nothing about modding - lol..
  • Trevor
    2019-02-02 23:46
    1 1
    can you just make it an option to take it off so people will stop being dumb
  • Trevor
    2019-02-02 23:48
    0 0
    i wrote that whole thing without even saying the word i was talking about. flag. guess im the dumb one
  • Ford fan 69
    2019-02-03 04:58
    1 1
    yes keep the flag on it, rebel confederate flag haters get a damn life its civil war history & a part of southern culture het a life flag haters.
  • Ford fan 69
    2019-02-03 04:59
    0 0
    yes keep the flag on it, confederate flag haters get a damn life its civil war history & a part of southern culture get a life flag haters.
  • Minty
    2019-02-19 15:38
    0 0
    Works great, but cannot customize it once its purchased.
  • Red white and blue
    2019-04-01 07:03
    0 0
    If you don't like it, don't download, or change it yourself once you download it.
  • Nice dude
    2019-05-02 21:04
    0 0
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