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F550 dump truck v1.0
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F550 dump truck v1.0

This is a dump truck made by wood meadow farming hope you enjoy this mod alot.
Power: 420
Maximum Speed: 50
Price: 56000
Brand: Ford
Category: Cars

wood meadow farming

giants software

  • Csx68
    2019-01-06 02:18 Send message
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    You now future commenter,as long as we are respectful, kind, and know that credits are given, the mod is fine.
  • Ewanc
    2019-01-06 03:13 Send message
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    It drives, it dumps, and its cat friendly so done, done and done. Only thing it needs is proper shaders for the exterior and working gauges inside. The tire shader is particularly Lego-esque.
  • Eng51ine
    2019-01-06 03:51 Send message
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    That's because it wasn't finished yet..... the updated version hasn't been released, partially because people do this shit....
  • Faelandaea
    2019-01-06 05:02 Send message
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    Cats ... enough said. Downloading :)
  • Meow
    2019-01-06 06:11 Send message
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    why are there not more cats in trucks, great mod, holds wood too
  • Desolated
    2019-01-06 09:27 Send message
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    Doesn't dump, nor does any of the interior work.
  • Ananas
    2019-01-06 15:55 Send message
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    1.0? Sorry but it's more like 0.1Back to the drawing board please.
  • Chris
    2019-01-08 05:05 Send message
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    quit posting other peoples mods. WFM has made it clear to not reupload his mods
  • Wildbill1
    2019-01-13 17:09 Send message
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    Lose the kitty cat mud flaps and do something with the plastic tires and this would be a great mod. Its fine that you are cat friendly but not to many farmers sport pictures of cats on there mud flaps.
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