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Ford F350 Crew Cab beta
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Ford F350 Crew Cab beta

Ford F350 Crew Cab beta for Farming simulator 19
Its a f350 crew cab with working light led reverse lights gooseneck
Power: 400
Maximum Speed: 120
Price: 30000
Category: Cars
Author: Expendables Modding

it was made by Expendables Modding

  • Farmer.stynes
    2018-11-28 23:26 Send message
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    noice rig, lights work which is good too. seems to lack in power when towing tho
  • Chuck
    2018-11-29 02:26 Send message
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    Dont all fords lack power when towing?
  • Me


    2018-11-29 05:39 Send message
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  • Csi48
    2018-11-29 11:04 Send message
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    STOLEN !! this is why modders won't release shit. people like you are a fucking cancer to the community. REAL Credits : Expendables Modding
  • Pillowyg
    2018-11-29 12:46 Send message
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    CSI48, He does credit to the Author: Expendables Modding. This has some bugs and I hope things get fixed. I do like this truck very much though.
  • Ogderpy
    2018-11-29 13:51 Send message
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    The truck looks great. Tweaked the HP, weight and tire friction and it's a great mod. props to Expendables Modding for job well done.
  • Expendable dirk
    2018-11-29 16:22 Send message
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    Well this was a beta and the weight and torque desperately needed adjusting. For anyone that wants to bump the weight to 3800 and torque scale to 2.0, stock game truck xmls were used and never got around to adjusting it.
  • Tech underground
    2018-11-29 19:26 Send message
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    Preview and Testhttps://youtu.be/6uufABqUVcc
  • Brad
    2018-11-30 18:46 Send message
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    This truck is great to use and I really like it. All it needs is gloss color options because everything is matte. Adjusted to keep the Ford symbol blue and normal color headlights and reverse lights and we're set!
  • Gawd
    2018-12-01 01:00 Send message
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    i like it, but, here's a couple issues I have with it...the horn...seriously? wtf is that? 2nd issue i have is the lights, they pixelate bad...tinted drivers and passenger front windows? why? so much for using mirrors...not everyone plays in 3rd person...
  • Bryce
    2018-12-02 06:01 Send message
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    Can this please be made for xbox
  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-02 20:33 Send message
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    Very nice. Definitely checking this out. I am not a Ford fan. But for trucks in FS that are decent quality visually things have been lacking, so this mod is very much appreciated.
  • Bandaidfarmer
    2018-12-02 21:01 Send message
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    I have to say this is one of the best looking mods for 19 thus far. Aside from being a bit loud for a Ford I have no complaints for this one. Excellent job and thanks for giving it to the community.
  • Max221
    2018-12-02 23:45 Send message
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    I have to agree with CSI48 this is why modders nowdays are going private because of damn mod thieves. These damn numbskulls never learn and yet you idiots in this community say that nobody cares?. You people that say that should realize and care for the reason why some of this communities best modders are going private because of these trolls and mod thieves damn jackasses.
  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-05 01:35 Send message
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    Checked it out and the mod worked fine. Nice work.
  • Koalat
    2018-12-14 01:51 Send message
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    Check this link for an edited and power increased version boys and girls...http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/2011-ford-f-350-crewcab-1-1/
  • Fourgunz
    2018-12-19 08:37 Send message
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    The lights need major work. Way to pixilated, i on'y ever want to drive this truck during the day because of it. Otherwise i really enjoy it though.
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