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Farmall 806/706 v1.0
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Farmall 806/706 v1.0

~ Flat top guards, Round guards, Rops, Rops with Top, Hiniker and ICB cab
~ Front Weight options
~ Singles with and without wheel weights, Duals with and without wheel weights. Michelin Singles and Dual setups and a plough dual setup.
~ IH 2350 Front loader option
~ Stock pipe with rain cap or curved chrome pipe

I have also added in some of the new features that FS19 has to offer like seat suspension, working brake and throttles, Hydraulic and trailer plugs on the rear of the tractor. It also includes a moving tachometer needle. This machine has been tested on Chisel ploughs, discs, spreaders etc to make sure it can pull fine and not lift up at the front when weight is put on the back. There still might be some small errors and I would appreciate if you guy would tell me in the comments but otherwise enjoy this and happy farming!

Oldiron1214, Crusader Modding (Facebook)

  • Name
    2019-09-16 16:46
    2 0
    icb cab stands for ice cream cab.
  • Tractor says
    2019-09-16 21:08
    3 0
    Great mod, thank you. I'm glad to see more traditional older US tractors in game.
    • 13cooke
      2019-09-16 22:51 Send message
      2 0
      Glad you like it Join Crusader Modding for more updates https://www.facebook.com/groups/824545201056370/
  • Jack
    2019-09-20 17:45
    1 0
    can you make a 2wd magnum
  • Jack
    2019-09-20 17:48
    2 0
    also love this mod works greatjust need flashers to work
  • Mark
    2019-09-21 16:59
    0 1
    great tractor But the steering turns to tight might want to fix that
    • 13cooke
      2019-09-22 03:44 Send message
      1 0
      Thats how its meant to be
  • Coyotejohn
    2019-09-24 23:28
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    Really loving this tractor and a big thank you for releasing it!A couple of things I've noticed...the front axle doesn't pivot, instead it seems the front wheels are on independent spring suspension. The rear axle, as well, seems to be on spring suspension. I don't know if this was intentional, but from a realism standpoint it's extremely distracting. One other small thing is the steering animations. The player model looks like he's breaking his arms when you turn.
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