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Farmall M v1.0.0.0
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Farmall M v1.0.0.0

This is a Farmall M converted from a pack for 2017. when converted, it did not bring a steeringwheel with it. so I robbed it from a John Deere pack. I zipped it and put it on a zipdrive and tested it that way on another computer. it worked that way, but Im not real good at this whole modding thing but have lots of good ideas. If anyone has any knowledge or can help in anyway please do. Im not like all these other Jag-offs with these "private mods" I want anyone and everyone to enjoy this mod and even make it better!

whoever did the Farmall pack for 2017 and the Creators of the John Deere 60-70 series

  • Brooks farms
    2019-07-28 01:08
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    Can someone put case ih red on it ?
  • Steve140
    2019-07-28 02:12 Send message
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    @Brook farm i can
  • Nice mod
    2019-07-28 03:33
    2 1
    Thanks for this classic Farmall, I've been waiting for someone to do this one.
  • Fred
    2019-07-28 09:37
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    I downloaded this mod and added it to my mods, it shows in mods at the start of the game and I activated it but it does not appear in the store. I tried it in Felsbruun and Rustic Acres, I also tried it with no other mods in game, removed mods folder and created new folder with only Farmall_M in it but still does not show in store. Can anyone help please. I am playing on PC
  • Fred
    2019-07-28 10:06
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    Found it in misc. beside the roller.
  • Simr @farmall super m
    2019-07-28 14:44
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  • Simr @farmall super m
    2019-07-28 14:46
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    ~ now row crop straight axel front wheels..as a store option..and this tractor would be correct + accurate
  • Oliver 1855
    2019-07-28 18:02
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    color needs to be changed it looks ghetto
  • Robert
    2019-07-29 03:33
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    please fix the steering wheel and make it farmall red and not gloss
  • Jimmy
    2019-07-29 03:44
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    yes it need ih red and steering be red or black .and no chrome rims on outside or inside more like a silver grey. and we do need more farmall tractors out there. too many john deeres /
  • Would have been
    2019-07-29 10:54
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    would have been an awesome mod had it had the proper International Harvester colors
  • Mike
    2019-10-09 05:12
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    I bought it, and began driving it down the road to my farm. Everything was going great. Suddenly I hit a small bump, and the tractor literally launched itself 30 feet into the air and about 200 feet into my neighbors field off of the highway. It then proceeded to bounce 10 feet off of the ground any time it landed remotely upright, flying any direction it decided to go. I shut the engine off and it continued to keep flying and bouncing, as it it were performing the fuck you neighbor dance as it
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