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FarmingStudio20 v0.3.1 BETA
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FarmingStudio20 v0.3.1 BETA

Welcome to FarmingStudio20. Our masterpiece is finished :) and we want to share the first version with you;)

Version 0.3.1 BETA
- Display error when starting fixed (not applicable to all users)
- Mod Load bug fixed
- Error messages in SavegameStudio fixed (XML not found)

What is FarmingStudio20?
FarmingStudio20 is an editor to read out and edit XML files of mods. You can also edit your savegame and check the log file. It is easy to use and has a stylish design.
FarmingStudio20 is supposed to relieve users of the tedious XML work.
We strive to constantly expand and improve FS20. if you have any feedback, please let us know.
Below you can see what we have currently planned.
How does it work?
ModStudio: Select zip, enter values ​​(for miscellaneous press apply, done)
SavegameStudio: Select savegame, enter values ​​(press Apply when filling levels) Done
LogStudio: Read out log Press, done

What's new?
We have brought new functions for you.

SavegameStudio can now edit the savegame more dynamically.
ModStudio can now edit the mods more dynamically
FarmControl (for managing and starting the game (currently only starting)

How do i install it?
Very easy, select the desired version (with or without updater)
Start the installation wizard, done

What is planned for the future?
Script Installer (He should install scripts (almost completely alone. (Work with the GE must be done Trz.)
Game management (add-on from FarmControl) Should contain functions such as changing game background, music management, mod folder management, backup system (savegames) etc.

If you have any other suggestions for us, please let us know;)
Known bugs
Currently not known :)
Ps: This version is currently only available in German. The other translations are still in progress (no translator currently available)

Please remember, you change mods for YOU! Uploading the modified mods is not permitted without the modder's permission!
The program should make private changes possible for you and no more.
Data / accesses required by FarmingStudio20

FarmingStudio20 needs the following to work properly:
An Internet connection for the start page and the update notification. (Home updated every 45sec)
The Farming Simulator folder (by default in the documents)
The Mods folder path
The log path
The Farming-Simulator.exe (Simply select the shortcut)
Access to create folders (Documents / FarmingStudio20)
Creation of a settings file (% appdata% / local / FarmingStudio20)
(Only for the updater) Deletion and downloading of files as well as extended rights to be able to act in the installation directory.

A little hint for the people who think I have nothing better to do than put a virus on your pc ...
The VirusTotal report says there is nothing ... (to be found at the bottom) (Apart from 1. which you can ignore because the engine has a bang ^^)
I have something better to do than do something like that ^^
I want to help the LS-Com and not make it worse than it already is ...

So please save those comments?
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And leave feedback: 3
We wish you a lot of fun with our program

Code und Design: Nico.B (Me)
Desing: Daniel.B
Scripte (PHP) Jahn.V

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