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[FBM Team] Deutz Series 9 Update v1.0.1.0
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[FBM Team] Deutz Series 9 Update v1.0.1.0

- Daytime installed
- Trelleborg twin grooming tires installed
- Fender front made hide

- Mark made
- Color choice Body and Rims
- Design Selection (Black, Chrome, Chrome Black, White)
- Exhaust a little darker
- New sound (Nastus1)
- Warning signs in Config selectable
- Warning signs foldable over Y / N
- Work lights at the back
- Crawler added at the back
- Michelin / Mitas tires added (nursing tires were deliberately omitted)
- Added terminal dial (Amazone, Kuhn, Lemken)
- Motor racing
- Warrior Decal at maximum engine choice
- Door, rear window and skylight to open

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Umbau / Idee: [FBM]_JensJupp
Projektunterst├╝tzung:[FBM]_Hunter4987 , [FBM]_puma , [FBM]_Polofreak211, [FBM]_dajoe
Testing: FBM Testteam

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    Hello i have a problem with the last updateI can't lauch my game on serverThe map's name is The fenton Forest 1.34Thank you for the answer
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