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[FBM Team] Kroeger TAW 20 v2.0.0.0
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[FBM Team] Kroeger TAW 20 v2.0.0.0

Tandem push off trailer Kröger TAW 20

The following was done:
Textures now on the LS19 system
Flash animation fixed
Number plate with license plate lights
-all old lamps removed and replaced with the new ones

- Tandem suspension
- connectionHoses animated tubes
- adapted further details in Blender
- Animations on LS19 standard
- new store picture
- Landing volume: 40,000 liters

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Modder/ Umbau: Hunter4987 [FBM Team]
Sonstige: Hunter4987

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