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[FBM Team] Liquid transport barrel MK12_vII v1.0.0.0
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[FBM Team] Liquid transport barrel MK12_vII v1.0.0.0

Liquid transport drum MKS12

brand choice
tire choice
All lids can be opened via mouse control
Color choice (Basecolor, Rimcolor)
Filltypes Shop configurable
Filling of big bags and pallet goods possible
Added overcharge function of all available fill types
Identification of the fill types at the rear of the trailer
In the shop category to find miscellaneous

Price in standard version ------> 23680 € plus conversion costs

NO leaflet book Realism!

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Tag: FBM-Dani86, Paddle [CREATE_A_DEAD]
Idea / Concept: FBM-Dani86
Basic model: Giants Software GmbH / LIZARD MKS8

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