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[FBM Team] slurry tanker set 9000 liters v1.0.0.0
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[FBM Team] slurry tanker set 9000 liters v1.0.0.0

Brand specific color choice (Base, Design)
9 different brands selectable (Fuchs, Kaweco, BSA .... and many more)
Tire config added
Swivel distributor for gooseneck swapped by the Zunhammer
Brand added for multi-brand mods
Power requirement: 85hp
Working width: 14,8m / (I know that that is a lot but also the small farmer wants to finish)
Max. Capacity 9230 liters
Working speed 13 Km / h
Mod has all FS19 standards
Price: 17400 € plus painting and transport cost

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Project implementation: FBM-Dani-86, FBM-Lukas2002
Tester and Supporter: Butters Tuning Forge (Butters / BTS)
BKT tires (Modhub): Speedy77 / JD7530-Chris
Gooseneck LS17: Gogobaer
Original by Giants: Kotte Garant 8000

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    New Link: https://workupload.com/file/TTxuZJrg
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