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Feliksowo Map v2.0
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Feliksowo Map v2.0

What does the Map have:
- 1 holding
- 10 fields and 3 meadows
- Machines for start
- and much, much more: D

● No change to the link!
● No editing!
● No change of the author!
● Do not give a map on a paid link!

☆ Did you find any mistake in the map? :)
● Write to my Fanpage! And for sure it will be corrected in the next versions of the map! : D
Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/Picasso1999-227281801518543/


  • Matyi
    2019-01-07 01:07 Send message
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    hi there is a bit of a problem with Map Very lags (I can't go a few steps and get the picture and the game goes to the kilometer hour it works) Thank you for your understanding bye
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