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Fendt 500 Vario Sound Edition by SmlehliW v1.3.0
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Fendt 500 Vario Sound Edition by SmlehliW v1.3.0

Fendt 515 turbo SoundEdit - Patch 1.3 - April 2019

1.3.0. complete rework / rebuilding - new sound files - ALL NEW!

Sound.XML base by PeterAH (FBM). Thanks for the great work and release.
Basic model: GIANTS Fendt favorite 511c, Fendt515turbo edit by SmlehliW
SOUND EDITION: Sound Files: own - sound.xml based by PeterAH
extended color choice (various materials) - interior adjustments: seat cockpit headliner steering wheel
Performance: just 190hp - ü60km / h> - Chassis / brakes adapted to the increased performance
extended tire selection (Mitas wide tire) - extended repair and soiling interval -
Price LS € 49,900, with option on vanilla price (ORIGINAL game price and engine settings) - Multiplayer: YES
A C H T U N G: This modification is only for players who want more fun. Friends of the realistic way of playing with mobile hair-dryers should ignore this mod here.
have fun with it ... happy farming ... SmlehliW

Modell: GIANTS
Script: sound.XML - Base by PeterAH (FBM)
Idee / Konzept: SmlehliW
Sonstige: SOUND: SmlehliW

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    Thanks! This mod is one of my favorites.
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