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Fendt Farmer 304 LS v1.0.0.0
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Fendt Farmer 304 LS v1.0.0.0

The Fendt farmer 304 LS based on the real life tractor, real life recorded sounds and animated parts.
I converted the FS17 Fendt 307/309 by Rival to FS19 and made it work and added animated parts, moving parts and choice of wheels and decoration.

This mod features:
Recorded sound from a real Fendt 304 LS
The windows, door and topwindow can be opend
The RPM meter is animated
The dashboard icons light up

The options:
Bigger wheels
Twin wheels

Price: 43000 €

AnonyMAUS and Rival

  • Real link
    2019-07-12 17:37
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    https://anonyskins.wixsite.com/mods the official link this is the site from the guy who maked this mod and that is not this son of a bitch
  • Name
    2019-07-12 22:47
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    Hey'Very good for every mods of you make !!Good job !Can you make a mod DEUTZ FAHR D6207 (2wheels) year 1981 ? Like a fs 13Thank you very much
  • Nick
    2019-07-14 14:20
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    clearly converted by someone who doesn't know how to given the conversion is 80+Mb, also why reduce the power, 309 to 304, 90PS to 40PS ???
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