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Ferrari 488 GTB Fs19 v1.0
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Ferrari 488 GTB Fs19 v1.0

- Power: 710hp;
- two types of engines running at slow speed and high speed
- max Speed: 320 km / h;
- The volume of the fuel tank: 90 l .;
- Price: 256000€;
- Select the primary color;
- Working lighting;.
- Good physics
- Quality appearance

Uploading again on other websites is not desired.
My approval is required for the reproduction and / or modification of the models for the purpose of republishing.
Have fun with it!

Edward`s Modding

  • Name
    2020-04-09 20:21
    4 2
    Love your mods Edward. work good with Added realism mod. hope you'll consider adding universal passenger mod script in the future as it'd be sweet to roll with some friends. Great mods as allways though!
  • Edward007
    2020-04-09 22:27 Send message
    3 2
    Thanks! I will consider your proposal
  • Hi
    2020-04-10 05:14
    1 2
    Thanks for realizing these great mods
  • Top notch
    2020-04-10 16:50
    1 0
    Edward your work is always apprecieted by many. Dont let these guys bring you down. GREAT MODS ALWAYS!
  • Edward007
    2020-04-10 19:41 Send message
    4 0
    I want to tell you something a month ago I gave up posting online mods because of bad people who say bad things to you and hurt you without knowing you.They do not know how to appreciate the work of god people and do not know how tiring it is to make a mod and optimize it,in order to reach a final use.All my free time I spend hours doing these mods because I also have a job so I can support myself and my family
  • Edward007
    2020-04-10 19:43 Send message
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    Most of the mods I post online are requests from some wonderful people who know how to appreciate the work and effort of others.These wonderful people have made me come back online and even though they pay me to make these mods they decide and tell me to post them online as there are other people/children who cannot afford to pay for these mods and that they have to share with them,and for all the other good people who know how to appreciate this.
  • Edward007
    2020-04-10 19:44 Send message
    4 0
    I sit and think about what bothers these bad people when I post a mod.Even I download and try the mods of other modders some are good others do not,but I do not leave comment and say some horrible words to that author, better give a good advice to encourage him because he made an effort to do that and post it for me to play for free. Simple if you do not like it do not download it!I apologize for my bad English!
  • Edward007
    2020-04-10 19:45 Send message
    3 0
    I wish you all the best!!!
  • Al


    2020-04-10 20:01
    1 0
    well said pal
    • Edward007
      2020-04-10 20:06 Send message
      1 0
      Thanks pal
  • Edward007
    2020-04-10 20:12 Send message
    3 0
    Thank you to everyone who appreciates my mods and encourages me!
  • C j

    C j

    2020-04-10 20:17
    0 0
    Oh that's very well put 007 for gods sake take no notice of the idiots that put bad comments about your mods and yourself. I for one really appreciate the time and effort that you put into these mods and everything you upload i download and use on my maps. Thank you and please ignore the idiots on here.
  • 0 0
    Great mods as always ED, but please, use safer uploading software's so we can not get 3 pop ups when we hit the link:)
  • 12271
    2020-04-11 23:36 Send message
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    Ed ward, A guy's gotta ask ya somethin. Why don't your mods work in my game? Am I doin somethin wrong?
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