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Fester Slasher's silage farm v1.0
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Fester Slasher's silage farm v1.0

How to install
1. go inside the zip file and copy the ‘save game 6’ file
2. go to Documents/my games/ Farming simulator 19
3. Once you get to the Farming simulator 19 file paste the save game 6 file into that folder
4. Launch fs 19 and the savegame should be there

Hello everyone, this savegame is intended to be used a silage farm already laid down for the player to start silage farming!

Fester Slasher

  • Cozy
    2019-01-18 11:35
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    FESTER SLASHER'S SILAGE FARM ?idiotsz or 4 years guy @work
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