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Feuerwehrstation v3.0.0.0
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Feuerwehrstation v3.0.0.0

Now the MTL Modding Team presents you the first fire station for
the LS 19.

The station comes from my published map (Goldcrest Valley 2.0).
The fire department I have already built at this time and has NOTHING with the Hagenstedt or how that is to do!
The idea came from a station in the LS 13, but we rebuilt and reworked the model.

Purchase price: 49,500 €
Maintenance: does not exist
Special feature: animated roller doors and doors

Perfect match our fire brigade siren

Have fun alerts

Cobra / MTL Modding Team

Modell: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Textur: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Idee / Konzept: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team
Tester: Micha / Cobra / MTL Modding Team / Uwe Eisbär
Rolltore und Türen: Hilfe von Klaus / Döbelner Modding Team

  • Babcock
    2019-02-11 01:41 Send message
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    Still no fire trucks
  • Polecat 324
    2019-03-10 22:54
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    it whant to work fix it or don with mods
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