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FieldData Beta v0.0.0.2
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FieldData Beta v0.0.0.2

The FieldData mod displays some data of the field. eg: size of the field, purchased land section, field number, field paritions, the amount of seed required and the calculated price in € $ £ over each purchased field!

Version 0.0.2 BETA
INFO: The calculations were done with the best of conscience and accuracy, but the values ??can be different. All calculations are based drived on some fields. Giants doesnt give me the spraytypes per liter/m2. they calculates it with liter/seconds. I changed it to liter/m2.
i hope its accuracy.
+ added wheat as fruit info
+ lime added volume and price
+ liquid fertilizer added volume and price
+ mineral fertilizer added volume and price
+ herbicide added volume and price
+ show field price
+ added number formats for liters and price.

If you come near the field, then you will see the info of the field. It is also possible to calculate the quantity and the price for different types of fruit.
2 key bindings have to be set. eg: Show / hide the info, switch for the fruit variety.
For me these were set to CTRL + F & CTRL + "+".
The mod is still in the BETA.
If everything works then thumbs up, I would of course be happy about a positive rating. :)
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Have fun with it :)
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Copyright xDeekay

Script: xDeekay
Idee / Konzept: xDeekay
Tester: xDeekay

  • Mike
    2019-02-15 20:01
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    i cant see the field data.. there are no errors and i selected it when starting the savgemage (same goes for the autoload timber runner. can`t see the numbers aswell)
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