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Fillable Fueltank 12500l v1.0.0.0
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Fillable Fueltank 12500l v1.0.0.0

couldn´t find anything like it - so i "frankensteined" one ;)
Bio Diesel production and then? Here is my 1st MOD: the fillable Fueltank 12500l.
Shows up under placeables silos. Or under the brand VDI Vertexdezign Industries - witch is the original MOD-Creator.
shows in PDA as "Hoftankstelle" German for "Farm fuelstation"
Version 1st. release logerror free and testet with the "fs19_lsfmuniversaltankpack" tankers to fill it up - don´t forget to open the lid on the trailer ;)  ...and does refill/tank all equipment.

Original "Fueltank5000l" ver. by "VertexDezign"
edited by Montauk

  • Papaneale
    2019-06-03 04:31 Send message
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    papa smurf modding AKA SMURFINATOR nice try buddy but every one knows who did this mod yes Vertexdezign did the mod but you forget one more modder
  • Montauk
    2019-06-03 04:38
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    Jepp sry about that ... found out after upload that papa smurf took the same moddel...the other stuff is my own work thou bc i did not have papa smurfs version of it
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