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Fillable Pickup 2014 V1.1
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Fillable Pickup 2014 V1.1

V1.1 Changes:
- ADDED Dual Tire configuration for increased capacity AND Heavy Duty engine option
- Fixed unloading animation (no more clipping bed)
- Fixed gaps in lights and cab
- Multiplayer support added
- Three options for capacity

Turn signals and Wipers still don't work

V1 Changes:
- Added option to load and unload
- Remodeled truck cab rear
- Added working hydraulics for unloading

Normal Capacity - 2500 for standard, 4000 for dual tires (PICKUP.zip)
Medium Capacity - 3500 for standard, 5000 for dual tires (PICKUPM.zip)
Large Capacity - 5000 for standard, 10000 for dual tires (PICKUPL.zip)

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  • Drengin
    2018-12-23 00:21
    Awesome update. Thank you very much
  • Farmerbot
    2018-12-23 04:29
  • Brandon092
    2018-12-23 05:32
    No problem! I have your request finished @FARMERBOT for the transport box. If it fails official modhub I will upload it here for you
  • Brandon092
    2018-12-23 09:16
    Also, I am having issues getting the turnlights to flash... they will turn on but I can't get them to flash If anyone could help that would be awesome.
  • Guest
    2018-12-24 02:26
    Very nice, but has some issues in game log.Warning : I3D file offers '4' objects, but '1' components have been loaded!Error: Failed to find child 3 from node effectNodesBack, only 2 childs givenError: 'turnlightRightStatic' () doesn't have all required vertex attributes for material 'pickup2014Lights_mat1'.same for each vehicle.
  • Brandon092
    2018-12-29 20:17
    Yes the errors and warning have everything to do with the turn lights. Currently working on that
  • Zorro7
    2018-12-31 08:45
    And can it be done also for another car?
  • Brandon092
    2018-12-31 23:58
    Of course. Which car did you have in mind?
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