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FlatMap v1.1.0.0
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FlatMap v1.1.0.0

- Support for "SEASONS" modifications
- Lowering the sea level from 99 to 90 units.
- Fixed terrain editing issue in many places
- A terrain editing block has been added throughout the facilities: shops, store, sawmill, etc.

Welcome to the map of FlatMap
A flat map was created and prepared for full edition in the game.
- Map is created for players who want to create their own map from beginning without using GIANTS EDITOR.
- In the MODHUB there are available a whole range of objects: trees, stones, buildings, signs and many useful mods ready to be placed on the map.
- The map is completely flat but creators have created the perfect tool for total terrain transformation, so you can modify it as you want to.
- On the map there are basic buildings needed for the game (purchase, sawmill, BGA, spinning mill, etc).
- The whole area is divided into 64 areas.
- You can create any number of farms and fields.
- 95% of the area is ready to editing without being blocked by objects from the beginning such as rocks or buildings.
- Create your own piece of world with your own principles


  • Bocephus
    2019-08-21 17:48 Send message
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    What about animals? Are there any on this map?
  • Duduka
    2019-08-22 08:16
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    hello Thomas could you make a 4x blank map with dajnet mods multifruit sand dirt gravel coal you know a lot of extras if you have the time and the mood
  • @bocephus
    2019-08-22 09:22
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    Off course not. It's a clean map. No animal added. You can put wherever you want whatever animal pen you want by yourself.
  • Bigleepcgaming
    2019-08-22 19:08
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    Did the grass issue get fixed yet
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