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FLD 120 Two Tone v1.0.0.0
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FLD 120 Two Tone v1.0.0.0

FLD 120 Two Tone for Farming simulator 19
Title: International 9400 Eagle
Power: 460
Maximum Speed: 85
Price: 11900
Brand: International
Category: Trucks
FLD in 17 Tex57MM
Converting / XLM / Textures Savage Farms modding


  • Savage farms
    2020-09-14 23:51
    5 14
    Hey you idiot you leaked my mod. You dumb piece of shit.
  • @savage farms
    2020-09-15 00:49
    8 1
    It is a bot, it can't leak anything. It was published somewhere and reuploded here. Welcome to the real world mate.
  • @ @savage farms
    2020-09-15 01:24
    4 0
    You are correct. I don't know why I have to keep telling people this: WHATEVER YOU RELEASE ANYTHING ONLINE IS PUBLIC! Anything can happen dude. If you don't want people "stealing" your stuff, go private, simple as that.
  • Savage farms
    2020-09-15 02:13
    1 5
    You are not me! This mod was only for my facebook page NOT modhub! But i guess i'm the best modder out there so that's why my mods always get leaked. Well be happy with the best ever truck in farm sim.
  • Maga2020
    2020-09-15 02:50
    10 9
  • Dump trump
    2020-09-15 03:02
    11 19
    Joe Biden 2020
  • Savage farms
    2020-09-15 03:07
    12 16
    Yes i would have to agree with that, Biden 2020!
  • Joe-pedo2020
    2020-09-15 05:04
    12 11
    BIDEN is a fucking pedophile plain and simple, a vote for CREEPY JOE is a vote for child molesters everywhere. Way to much evidence to ignore on that subject.
  • @savage farms
    2020-09-15 12:37
    0 0
    Your FB page is public idiot... That is why it was so easy for bots to reupload your mod on every websites. No because you are the best. lol
  • @idiots
    2020-09-15 15:06
    1 0
    THOMAS is NOT A BOT. He is a guy from Lithuania who owns a bunch of websites. This site "appears American". It is about as american as the Lithuanian language. This guy just steals mods from where ever and uploads him for click to download cash and from google adsense. If ya dont believe me I have his phone number from godaddy!
  • U idiot
    2020-09-15 16:06
    0 1
    Of course it is a bot which upload mods, like on every other websites. That does not mean there is no admin.
  • @dump trump
    2020-09-15 16:52
    4 3
    How mentally ill do you have to be to think that dipshit has the mental capacity to be the leader of the free world? Biden doesn't even know where he shit last. You must not be from this country.
  • @savage farms
    2020-09-15 22:18
    2 0
    Your not the best moder you cant even do a simple idim in blender or do color selection so what makes you think your the best modder ]
  • @@dump trump
    2020-09-16 00:46
    3 0
    You have to remember these brainwashed monkeys can't think for themselves. They have to follow the other low IQ people or they would get lost. They would rather support a pedo who has done NOTHING for this Country in his 50 years he's been in politics other than talk about it
  • Name
    2020-09-16 02:06
    4 0
    #Trump2020 #VoteRED Fuck that fucking shit bag Biden and his Democrap circus convention !
  • Jdboy
    2020-09-16 19:09 Send message
    1 0
    How in the world did we manage to turn a comments section for a mod into a political conflict? Is it really that bad to just ask for one thing that does NOT involve politics?Truck looks nice, but I generally people who claim to be the best at something are not. Little bit of humility goes a long ways, please try adding a little more. And yes, anything on the internet gets stolen. I've learned to beat the curve and put things up several places myself with a link to where real support
  • Lol your right!
    2020-09-16 21:29
    0 0
    Yes Why did it? u damn ass 9 year old cunt sucking fortnite players need to stop!
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