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Fleetwood RV v1.0
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Fleetwood RV v1.0

People who post screenshots of private mods all the time should watch what they post.
Enjoy this RV. It has a few bugs, but still usable.

PTR Modding(Rockin T)

  • Caamo
    2019-09-16 20:46
    9 14
    Yep... 117 Mb... Professional modder ;) And YES IT IS FCKING BULLSHIT IF YOU SAY THERE HAS TO BE SO MANY FCKIN TRIANGLES ETC... NO!!! This is JUST BAD modding!
  • Putnamehere
    2019-09-16 21:42
    9 4
    The sole reason it's still private and had to be leaked to put here is probably that it is not finished. So yeah if you expect the finished quality from an unfinished mod then it's not good. But then again... it's not finished and was kept private to avoid these kind of comments.
  • Name
    2019-09-16 23:44
    6 4
  • Fmmodding
    2019-09-17 00:14 Send message
    7 5
    love it i work on it
  • Name
    2019-09-17 00:27
    9 3
    there should be a sleep trigger in it
  • Me


    2019-09-17 01:04
    6 1
    should have used .dds NOT jpg files. So many errors
  • Name
    2019-09-17 01:40
    7 5
    did this game just become camping simulator?
  • Ranch
    2019-09-17 02:43
    4 8
    Guys this was a private mod this was not supposed to be released and it's unfinshed
  • Lol!!!
    2019-09-17 20:32
    8 7
    it works. Who gives a fuck stop bitching you cock sucking fags
  • Forester x
    2019-09-17 20:35
    8 2
    For those of you bad mouthing this mod, just remember. This mod was private and a WIP and some idiot got a hold of it and released an unfinished mod. If you download also an ATV from the same guy its also stolen and unfinished. Feel free to report this person to mod hub for pulling this crap. The original member of the group who had this stolen hopes you enjoy their mods in the future as they are working on new stuff.
  • Tyler wade
    2019-09-17 23:35
    2 4
    look everyone this is my mod okay it is not made by Austin farmer it is made by rockenT and PTR modding
  • Name
    2019-09-18 12:50
    1 8
    who the hell cares if this mod was stolen and if the creator is staying private good for him.....keep your camping simulator shit to yourself!!!
  • Name
    2019-09-18 14:43
    1 7
    Go kill yourself and your entire family. You suck you fucking twat.
  • What the heck
    2019-09-18 16:13
    5 0
    This is Tyler Wade's RV, somebody got a hold of it and released it. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LEAKED!!
  • Name
    2019-09-18 20:30
    0 7
    Tyler wade is a loser and nobody gives a shit about his mods
  • 5 0
    All you fuckers better listen up. Jay Allen is a pos. Gets all pissed off because he was banned from groups and decides to leak shit. Yes hes a pussy mofo. suck a cock
  • Csi48
    2019-09-19 13:20 Send message
    3 1
    yo this popcorn is the shit !! who wants some ?
  • Nick
    2019-09-20 01:33
    0 0
    On YouTube, I saw this beast as a dually with dually wheels not SRW wheels.
  • Trucker101
    2019-09-20 02:16
    1 2
    his is an cool mod and I liked it
  • Mackanthem20
    2020-01-09 03:10
    0 0
    its a ok mod. needs some more done. but its a good start!
  • Eatmykidz
    2020-01-26 05:01 Send message
    1 0
    Everyone commenting about how bad it is. Shut the fuck up and play the game. Yall are so anal about everything
  • @eatmykidz
    2020-05-29 01:23
    0 0
    Yup..... that's true that's why I hate people, JUST PLAY THE FUCKING GAME YOU DICKHEADS!!!!!
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