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Fliegl DPW 180 Quaderballen Autoload v1.0
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Fliegl DPW 180 Quaderballen Autoload v1.0

Fliegl DPW 180 square bale autoload
Multiple tire configurations, various grids, wheel cover selectable and connection hoses.
Autoload capacity 32 square bale
Authors: Giants, 930TMS.


  • Parzival
    2019-01-26 04:20 Send message
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    has this auto load trailer the same script as the others?the other auto load trailers make errors where one can not join the game after leaving if the trailer has been purchased and used and not sold again......does this mod have the same issues?
  • Preston
    2019-01-27 08:09
    1 0
    This trailer will not track correctly behind a John Deere 6R tractor. It goes from side to side constantly.
  • Arnas
    2019-02-02 23:46
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  • Will
    2019-02-09 21:35
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    I have to agree with Preston,Empty it behaves well.But when loaded, the dolly-part doesn't want to follow like the Original.
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