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Fliegl DPW180 with 11 tension belts v1.0
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Fliegl DPW180 with 11 tension belts v1.0

Original Giants Software Fliegl DPW180 with the following extension:
11 spits (Original has only 6)
Selectable rim color
(I have not been able to add a general color choice, as Giants has changed a lot there and I have not gotten there yet, maybe in the future.)
Have fun with it.
Please always use the original download link.


  • Vincent
    2018-11-26 02:58 Send message
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    is there a way can find FS19 Fliegl Flatbed Autoload mod anywhere
  • @ndi
    2018-11-28 16:46 Send message
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    i tried also, no Chance atm
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