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Fliegl Flatbed v1.1
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Fliegl Flatbed v1.1

Fliegl flatbed semi-trailer with rear low hitch for chaining multiple trailers together. Also has full working lights, and tension belts.
V1.1 Update - Now works on multiplayer and fixed an issue with the beacons.
Sorry this is not an autoloading trailer.

Original model by giants, I just converted it to FS19 and added lights and rear hitch.

  • Autoload isn't out yet
    2018-12-13 00:33 Send message
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    There aren't any auto-loading trailers yet.
  • Farmerky
    2018-12-13 01:08 Send message
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    Nice trailer, and nifty name
  • Les


    2018-12-14 04:07 Send message
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    There are two auto loaders that work. Go to the pleasant valley site which can be found here https://pvmods.enjin.com/ and then click on Bigdaddy's Mods, then click on his drop box link.
  • Name
    2018-12-15 01:37 Send message
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    you cant manual fasten tension belt
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