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Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer v1.1.0.0
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Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer v1.1.0.0

Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer
Price: 28.000€

- added autoload for cotton (round and square bales)
- adjustend position of the tension belts
- removed Dynamic Mount Attacher

This is an assembly of the Fliegl Timber Runner chassis and the DPW 210 flatbed with following changes:

-autoload for 34 round-, 30 squarebales and for 5 or 2 cotton bales
-color configuration for rims, trailer and flatbed
-selectable Fliegl decal (back)in white, red and black
-stanchions for roundbales
-new tires (Lizard, Trelleborg, Michelin)
-connectors for hoses in front and back
-trailer hitch back

First put the trailer into working position, the bales can now be collected. After collecting, bring the trailer back into transport position.
To unload via unloading mode, select unloading position and unload the bales. After unloading, bring the trailer back to transport position.
If the bales are unloaded onto the platform, they can then be moved manually.


  • Will
    2019-09-06 02:31
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    Works pretty well(Bales load properly, stays on in transport & unloading works good too)The only issue I'm still having, is that the tension belts don't go AROUND the bales, but underneath it(Which is the problem with ALL vehicles/trailers with UAL on).
  • Unload
    2019-09-06 03:05
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    Finish autoloading or turn it off, unload on the trailer and then strap them.Dont know about this particular mod but all the others work like that
  • @will
    2019-09-06 07:17
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    Exactly. Load the trailer. Then press U to ulnoad. Then press Y. Then press L to attach tension belts. Now you have tension belts around bales but watch out while turning. Now you have the real weight of bales on your back!
  • @will2
    2019-09-06 09:39
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    UAL turns your bales into non-physical objects, so belts do not see them. You already wrote above what needs to be done.
  • Will
    2019-09-07 15:41
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    Non-physical objects?Really?I myself found in the meantime out that pressing double Y can do the trick in my case.
  • @will
    2019-09-10 16:04
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    Exactly. double Y turns your bales physical objects again. (autoload turn off)
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