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Fliegl flatbed squarebale autoload v1.0.0.2
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Fliegl flatbed squarebale autoload v1.0.0.2

This is the Squarebale Trailer.
I have added the Autoload to a Fliegl Flatbed. I give credit to Kentucky for the Fliegl Flatbed and Bigdaddy012678 credit for the Autoload. I simply combined the two. This is my first mod, Log looks clean however when you see trailer in store the supports are not down, so you will need a wheel loader to lift it but once you attach the trailer then unattach the supports work. Well hope you all enjoy." - TATOR

*This edit reconfigured the autoload to accept 30 square bales, and properly spaces them on the trailer. Eliminating the space at the front and back, no other changes.* Uses the original file name, so overwrite the exsisting one in the mods folder and you shouldnt need to rebuy it.

Thanks to all the real modders who made the trailer in the first place!

Kentucky Farmer, Bigdaddy012678, Tator, *MiscGuy*

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  • Warning
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    do not download its a virus
  • Ente
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    Schrott für Modhoster
  • Rasmus
    2018-12-29 16:28 Send message
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    The trailer falls forward when you buy it, cannot pick it up with a truck
  • Xetoa
    2018-12-29 19:09 Send message
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    in the modDesc.xml add specialization name="suspensions" under the slow_baler type that will fix your issue there Rasmus.
  • William dill
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    Did you test this first to make sure it unloads off the trailer?????Same Problem as the first one, loads fine will not unload off trailer.Please fix.Thanks
  • Miscguy
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    I did test it, it unloads just fine. In fact i use it daily on my own play through, which is why i made the edit for it. Heck one of the images is the bales floating in mid air for unload. Xetoa, thanks for the input, i looked into fixing the landing gear but couldn't figure it out. I'll take a second look.
  • Miscguy
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    Sadly adding Did not solve the landing gear issue.
  • Miscguy
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    type name="Slow_baleLoader" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua" specialization name="suspensions" /
  • Drengin
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    ^ This man deserves a medal! TY kind sir.
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