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Fliegl Tieflader v1.0.0.0
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Fliegl Tieflader v1.0.0.0

Good Morning,
I've just converted the low loader I've also converted for the LS17.
Everything was brought to the state of the LS19, only the Objectattacher is not blocked until a script is present in the form.
I wish you a lot of fun with the trailer
your Ap0lLo

Modell: Kyosho's Modfactory
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Kyosho's Modfactory
Tester: Ap0lLo

  • Kiwi
    2019-02-23 23:10
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    no fucky worky dude
  • Adam1181
    2019-02-24 02:47 Send message
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    does not show up in game
  • Guest
    2019-02-24 04:37
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    I donĀ“t see it in game
  • Me me
    2019-02-24 10:43
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    yeah no luck finding that mod in game I downloaded through uploaded.net (modhub site) modhub.us/ or modland.net even changed the file name to FS19 from LS19 its just a ghost mod
  • Anon
    2019-03-07 17:35
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    why is this mod still here? Dyma123 and ApOlLo could please fix this mod or update (with a rear hitch) it so we can use it in FS19
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