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Fontaine Magnitude 80 Class Updated v1.0.0.2
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Fontaine Magnitude 80 Class Updated v1.0.0.2

- repositioned the attach point of the necks to a more realistic looking position
- adjusted the folded angle of the flip portion of the necks so it looks like they're actually sitting on the neck instead of floating
- added wood blocks under the necks so the trailer is not floating in air when unhooked from the truck
- made the 3rd axle on the trailer a lift axle which is controlled the same way the flip axle/tongue is
- made it so the suspension on the trailer "airs out" when you disconnect the neck to set the deck flat on the ground for loading
- rescaled the side lights on the trailer to a more realistic size
- changed the center bottom side light on the trailer to turn signals
- added wheel chocks to the jeeps and boosters
- not sure if they were broken from my edit or the original but fixed some of the real lights that weren't functioning, and added the rear corner lights that were missing
- removed the preconfigured heavy haul setup from the store because I feel if you're gonna try this edit you're probably going to want to use a more custom config than that offered, anyway
- adjusted the center of mass of the necks so they should be more stable when they spawn in from the store or when you reset them

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  • Adam
    2019-11-03 15:54
    3 0
    This is quite a mess. Tons of warnings in the log, pieces won't attach, the neck won't unfold, and the 5th wheel plates STILL don't touch. People, semi trailers do NOT put all their weight on the kingpin!
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