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Fontaine Magnitude By RatedT Fixed v1.0
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Fontaine Magnitude By RatedT Fixed v1.0


Functioning Real Turn Signals (Side Turn Signal and Rear Turn Signal)
Functioning Real Strobe Lights
Steerable Rear Axle
Trelleborg T404 Tires

Cost: $0
Lifetime: 1000

Upcoming v2.0
Choice for Dual Radials or Trelleborg Tires.
Paint colour options
Lift Axle


  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-02 20:14 Send message
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    Screenshots would probably have helped. Passing for now. I do not download stuff I cannot see screenshots for.
  • Chris
    2018-12-02 23:45 Send message
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    And why is the price 0$?? I will pass as well. Just seems off.
  • Ratedt
    2018-12-03 03:11 Send message
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    Don't complain about a mod if you don't know how to use mods. This is 100% working on the current version for the game. Chris the price is set to $0 because I wanted to. If you knew how to do anything you could change it.
  • Ap


    2018-12-03 06:38 Send message
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    Says there are functioning strobes? I only see beacons am I missing the button to activate them?
  • Lexluger
    2018-12-04 00:25 Send message
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    mod works perfect. thanks. looking forward to v1.1
  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-05 01:37 Send message
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    It's a translation error. By "strobes" he meant beacons. There is no working strobe script for FS19 yet. In his video he shows it is just beacons and blinkers, no strobes. Language barrier, basically.
  • Gunner
    2018-12-05 05:39 Send message
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    Nice trailer, better than what Giant offered, choice of color would nice !
  • Swiss-fg
    2018-12-16 22:18 Send message
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    error log, please fix it because really nice mod :018-12-16 20:41 D:/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FontaineMagnitude_By_RatedT/RearDeck.i3d (36.50 ms)2018-12-16 20:41 data/shared/wheels/trelleborg/T404/R30_5_T404.i3d (3.40 ms)2018-12-16 20:41 Error: Index not found: wheelChock012018-12-16 20:41 Error: Index not found: wheelChock02
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