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Ford 40er Serie v1.1.0.0
3 2 0 2046

Ford 40er Serie v1.1.0.0

here the Ford 40 series for FS19
Model is identical to the New Holland 8340 and has been changed accordingly.
Mod is LOG FREE!
Changelog V1.1.0.0
Michelin, Mitas tires added (both versions as wide tires)
new rims installed (for Michelin, Mitas)
Instrument lighting installed
Display lighting installed
Console lighting installed (interiorScreenLight)
Exhaust gas smoke changed
new sounds installed
new start sound
new idle sound (slightly different for inside and outside)
new sounds for low and high speeds (slightly different for inside and outside)
new gear sound
Sounds for brake louder and a bit adjusted
Chassis properties further adapted

Normal, normal with wheel weights, wide, wide with wheel weights, twin tires rear,
Nursing tires, municipal tires

Front loader console Config

Motors Config
5640 - 75hp
6640 - 85hp
7740 - 95hp
8340 - 125hp

Motor data adapted according to the power.
Some xml parameters have been adjusted.
Otherwise, the mod has the usual standard functions.
More is planned.
Have fun with it!
Kind regards

Giants, Jekyll
Sound Files: DuDe1

  • Wayne
    2018-12-09 23:56 Send message
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    hi men can you make a 9000 ford tt or a 9700 ford tt thank you
  • Name
    2019-04-10 00:00
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    I like all your mods dude.your awesome
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