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Ford 8600-9600 Pack v1.0
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Ford 8600-9600 Pack v1.0

This is the complete overhaul of the 9600 Fords I did back in February. It was never uploaded here originally.
Single Wheels, Left and Right Plow Duals, Plus Normal Duals, as well as Diamond Tread Singles and Duals. Trelleborg, and Michelin.
Configurable Exhaust Pipes.
Rops Version: Optional Roll bar, and Canopy.
Cab Version: Opening Door.
Optional Front Weight.
Warning Triangle.
Updated dirt, and wear maps.
Added more details and decals, and redid the UDIM, and re-worked the model in Blender.

Whiskey Sierra Modding

  • Wayne89
    2020-05-23 09:08 Send message
    6 0
    Forgot Stoll and Alo Loader bracket options are available.
  • Mitch
    2020-05-23 11:16
    1 1
  • Uccaroo
    2020-05-23 12:41 Send message
    1 0
    can you do a tw15 next?
  • Name
    2020-05-23 17:28
    2 1
    Very nice thanks man.
  • Eee


    2020-05-23 18:39
    2 0
    well done
  • Name
    2020-05-24 01:10
    2 0
    I cant seem to find it in the game. What category is it under please?
  • @name
    2020-05-24 01:52
    3 0
    You have to unzip the folder and drag the files into you mod folder. Medium tractors is the category.
  • Name
    2020-05-24 09:04
    1 0
  • Holt
    2020-05-25 22:07
    0 0
    The interio iss the camara to much far back
  • Uccaroo
    2020-06-19 17:17 Send message
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    @holt if you want to have the camera a bit back i would sugest downloading giants editor it's free and if you're done with edeting a mod you can always delete it afterwards then you can fully ajust it to you're likings but just don't bring it out for the public if you edit a mod that you don't have rights for
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