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Forestry Equipment Pack v1.0
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Forestry Equipment Pack v1.0

This is for the forestry gurus out there.
Here is my forestry pack with 4 machines. Pack includes:
Komatsu 931XC tree harvester: added colour choice to the body and rims. The harvester is cheaper in the shop at $235,000
Jenz BA 725 wood chipper: added colour choice to the body and rims, machine is cheaper in the shop, Increased capacity and that now shows in the game hud (see pic)
FSI ST 65 stump grinder: added colour choice to the main body, price is cheaper in the shop
Damcon PL 75: added colour choice to main body, cheaper in the shop, speed increased while planting

Please DO NOT upload to any other site without permission. Pack needs to be Unzipped.

Giants Editor, BK Nation Modding

  • Mrbastos
    2018-12-19 09:51 Send message
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    nice mod thank you
  • Echogamer
    2018-12-19 16:15 Send message
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    you're welcome
  • Metal
    2018-12-19 19:41 Send message
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    Thanks ECHOGAMER, these are nice
  • Rob


    2018-12-20 01:44 Send message
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    does the chipper run without being in it?
  • Kleeblatt
    2018-12-20 14:57 Send message
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    ganz schlimm die blauen Ketten, geht garnicht
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