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Forgotten Plants - Grass / Acre v2.0.0
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Forgotten Plants - Grass / Acre v2.0.0

For technical reasons, the v2 as extra mod.
There are 2 versions in this pack.

Version 1:
All textures are updated Plant density normal.
Grass texture as in the v1

Version 2:
All textures are updated Plant density doubled.
Grass texture changed and improved and adapted to the density.

New textures for:
foliage, LOD, distance, fillplanes, ground_diffuse
Both versions are MP capable
The folder structure is already specified in the zip.
Path: Farming Simulator 19 \ select version \ data

Doubling plant density can affect performance.
On my PC, I have found no deterioration.

ATTENTION: make a backup of the original files!


  • Chad
    2018-12-14 21:15 Send message
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    What exactly do you do to make it work? Which file do you drag this file into?
  • Jt87
    2018-12-15 14:40 Send message
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    go into the game directory then follow the folders from the mod folder and replace existing. make a backup before you replace
  • Name
    2019-12-05 19:57
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