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Freightliner Cascadia P4 v2.0
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Freightliner Cascadia P4 v2.0

2018-2021 Freightliner Cascadia P4 Version 2.
Improved Braking
Tuned Engine and Torque Settings.
Added a Heavy Haul Configuration.
Added Eyebrow Turn Signals like on the real truck.
Big thanks to GMYK Outfitters for the lightbar and lighting setup, as well as an Oversize Banner.
Added an optional Black or Chrome Bumper Guard.
Lowered the poly count of the model. Note: It still shows a Shapes Warning, but only by a few KB.
I cant lower the count any more without compromising the quality of the model. It's error free on my end otherwise.
New Alcoa Wheels made specifically for this truck.
Made the Flow Below Aero Kit color matched to the body.
Added interior trim color options of Slate Gray or Saddle Tan.
Color Matched or Chrome Visor.
Custom Skins: My logo, GMYK and Whiskey Sierra Modding Skin, Consolidated Freightways, Swift, and Maverick Transportation.
If you want to make your own skin, a UV Template and other components are provided in the mod folder.
Full UDIM.
*Note you will have to have realistic beacons turned on in the graphics for the lightbar beams to show up.*
My original goal of this truck was to bring the most realistic truck possible to Farming Simulator.
Original Release notes:
Custom DD16 Detroit Diesel Sounds.
Trim Level Packages: Standard and Elite
taken straight from Freightliner's Build and Price.
Standard trim level is a Black Grill, with Plastic Mirror Caps, Black Side Vents. with options of Plastic Fairings, Plastic Bumper, and Painted Fairings, Painted Bumper and Fairings,
Chrome Bumper and Painted Fairings.
Elite is: Chrome Grill, and Chrome Mirror Caps, Chrome Side Vents with all the above.
Fender options: you can choose from Black Plastic, Chrome, or the
Flow Below Aero kit, with either Plastic or Chrome Fenders.
Wheels: *NEW* Alcoa, With 3 holed steel rears,
Alcoa with Flow Below Hub Caps.
Alcoa Super Singles.
Alcoa wheels with 3 different hubcap options.
Exhaust Pipe Configs: Hidden(no stacks), Single Stack, or Dual Stacks.
Optional Headache Rack
Optional Rotary Beacons.
Virginia Apportioned License Plate.
Engine Options. DD13-DD16 Tuned Detroit Diesel.
Shadow casting for the lights.
Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Gamlin(ATS Parts), Expendables, GMYK Emergency Outfitters.

Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Gamlin(ATS Parts), Expendables, GMYK Emergency Outfitters.

  • Pattonm47
    2020-06-22 23:04 Send message
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    where did you get bale loader?
    • Wayne89
      2020-06-22 23:16 Send message
      1 0
      Its a work in progress
  • @wayne89
    2020-06-23 15:11
    0 0
    I build the bale loader IRL. I would love to have the mod when it is finished.
  • Pattonm47
    2020-06-23 17:01 Send message
    1 0
    hope it comes soon!
  • Asome
    2020-06-23 19:09
    0 0
    I've been waiting for a bale wagon mod since i started fs19 and finally someone is making one
  • Name
    2020-06-23 21:42
    1 6
    181mb for one truck, wtf, this shitty wok is from another game
    • Wayne89
      2020-06-23 23:34 Send message
      3 0
      The poly count is higher than Willie Nelson It was a very highly detailed model I purchased from Hum3d There is also a lot of options scripted into the mod a lot of meshes in the i3d of the mod to make the options happen The only thing used from another game is the interior Also learn to how to spell before you attempt to troll a Wok is a cooking vessel used primarily to cook in an Asian Restaurant
    • Wayne89
      2020-06-23 23:35 Send message
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      Also guys Im hoping the Stackcruiser will work out Its fully UDIM but the animations are a nightmare
  • Pccustoms
    2020-06-26 07:31 Send message
    1 0
    i love it
    • Wayne89
      2020-06-27 04:32 Send message
      0 0
  • Were is the mod?
    2020-07-04 23:18
    1 0
    Were do you get the mod
    • Wayne89
      2020-07-07 23:46 Send message
      0 0
      What mod Theres two download links
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