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FreilandSilo Plazierbar v1.3
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FreilandSilo Plazierbar v1.3

I present you here another mod in the LS19.

Version 1.3
I removed the posts.
I now have tires on the posts.
The tires have a collision and serve as orientation to where the silo tarpaulin goes. To sell the silo just press on some mature.

This time a Placeable Free Range Silo.
The problem with selling has been fixed. To sell the silo you just have to press on a tire. The tires are also used to mark how big the silo is.
If there are errors, just write me or report the error on our Ts! (

I just removed the silo walls and removed the collision.
The silo works 100% and is suitable for multiplayer.
Currently there are no markings, I will insert with the nagt update!
I wish you much fun with the silo!


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