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Frohnheim Map v0.9
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Frohnheim Map v0.9

Hello, hereby I introduce you to my Map Frohnheim, this is a 4x MAP with all standard fruits, there are about 40 fields between 8 and 90 ha. It is for players who like Map's with large helfer friendly fields. The fields are exclusively rectangular and have at the beginning and end large areas for the turning trip. Since there are only a few such maps, this is even created. It is only tested in SP mode. All fields are defined and also purchasable, there are several points of sale as well as a BGA. The basis of this map is based on the empty quadruple map of Kastor and I hereby thank him and all other modders for all the objects I used to create this map.


  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-03-16 17:53
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    I like it I like it I like it Now can you redo Hagenstedt exstrem for 2019 F S ?
  • Billy063
    2019-03-16 18:08 Send message
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    Great Map---need to buy the land between fields thanks.
  • Tony
    2019-03-31 14:38
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    Excellent map, really like it and very good work in the creation. One thing I have noticed for me, when moving to field 4, the field info box stops displaying and the only way to get it to display again is to reboot the map. But... excellent work and thank you for a great map.
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