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Fruehauf Planenauflieger mit Stapler v4.0
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Fruehauf Planenauflieger mit Stapler v4.0

Fruehauf tarp trailer with transportable forklift.
Finally it is so far the Fruehauf is extensively rebuilt together with the truck.

To the tarp trailer:
It has 5 different configurations: Standart, Autoload XXS, Autoload, bulk and liquids.

It's easier to write what he can not do: fill diesel in machines.
Config Standard: Only the basic functions. Tarp and rear doors open and close, straps

Config Autoload and Autoload XXS: The well-known autoload of Alfalfa (Thanks for that). For the XXS version, the pallets must be placed on the loading area. As in the old version, the IBC tanks (liquid fertilizers and pesticides) do not fit next to each other on the loading area, therefore the transport should take place with activated Autoload.

You can load 16 pallets, 12 board pallets, 36 big bags, 18 IBC tanks, 36 boxes, 18 seedling pallets, 33 square bales, 38 round bales, 180 egg cartons, 16 mission pallets and 2 cotton bales.

!!! Watch out! It is absolutely necessary the Mod Easy Autoload you can download here for free (registration required):
Download Easy Auto Load

Config bulk material: This allows you to drive bulk materials from A to B, thresher refueling, filling machines, etc. Capacity 60000L.

Config liquid: The same as for bulk material only with liquids of all kinds Capacity 60000L.

If something is missing in the goods please report then you can add it.

To the transportable forklift:
This one has 2 configurations: Standart and Autoload. The Config Autoload can transport 2 pallets, 1 board pallet, 2 boxes, 2 big bags and 1 IBC tank. Unloading is possible either on or in front of the fork.

!!! Watch out! It is not possible to secure the truck in the Autoload configuration by means of a tension belt at the rear. The autoload script does not take the TensionBeltObject specs. He should still hold thanks to DynamicMountTrigger and CAREFUL driving.

Last but not least thank you to my testers Uncle Mars, Blueraidsix, Ralfhoen, Mushu, Pulimatrix, etebteb and Agarwen who all contributed to a flawless mod whether single player, multiplayer or Dediserver.

And as always:
This mod is exclusive to LSMC. A retransmission and re-uploading in parts thereof is not allowed without my prior approval.
Support only https://ls-modcompany.com

Autoload Mod: Alfalfa
Fruehauf Planenauflieger: FS 17 Alfredix, PhillipDeutz. FS 19 p.soppa, Agarwen
Mitnahmestapler: Grundmod Alfalfa, Erweiterungen p.soppa
Ladepaletten: Giants
Ladefässer: FalPos

  • Jean
    2019-11-14 15:24
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  • Maybe
    2019-11-15 01:44
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    Is there any chance you could make one of these that look more american? Maybe on a spread axle flatbed or step deck trailer. just a thought. Thank you
  • Name
    2019-11-15 11:03
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    Error: Vehicle type 'FS19_FruehaufPlanenauflieger.fruehaufautoloadTrailer' has unknown specialization 'FS19_FruehaufPlanenauflieger.FS19_EasyAutoLoad.easyAutoLoader'!
  • Name
    2019-11-15 11:04
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    Error: Vehicle type 'FS19_Mitnahmestapler.autoloadTruck' has unknown specialization 'FS19_Mitnahmestapler.FS19_EasyAutoLoad.easyAutoLoader'!
  • Name
    2019-11-15 11:26
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    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.C:/Users/Ordinateur/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_EasyAutoLoad/scripts/easyAutoLoader.lua:285: attempt to index field 'actionEvents' (a nil value)
  • Daniel
    2019-11-16 14:10
    1 1
    not working and not working whit autoload
  • Hey stupid people
    2019-11-17 18:17
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  • @daniel
    2019-11-17 18:18
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    You should also learn to write... "whit"? :D :D :D
  • Xxx


    2019-11-20 20:02
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    Heckstapler lässt sich nicht angurten mit Spanngurt (falsche Position).
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