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Fruehauf Planenauflieger mit Stapler v4.1.2
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Fruehauf Planenauflieger mit Stapler v4.1.2

Fruehauf curtainsider trailer with truck-mounted forklift.

Version 4.1.2
Sorry in 4.1.1 forgot to set a trigger to invisible. Therefore, it can happen that it gets stuck on other collis.

And as always, the mod is exclusive to the LS Modcompany forum and the LS Mapping Team forum. Uploading again with the original download link is not permitted without my prior approval.

The Giants GTC still apply. Here in particular §7

According to §7 of the GIANTS terms and conditions I grant GIANTS very extensive rights to my mod. But that only applies to GIANTS. To all others, I only grant the right of use. All other rights remain with me. So it is in §7.1 of the GIANTS GTC

Finally the Fruehauf has been extensively rebuilt together with the forklift.

To the tarpaulin trailer:

It has 5 different configurations: Standart, Autoload XXS, Autoload, bulk goods and liquids.

It's easier to write what he can't do: fill diesel into machines.

Config standard: only the basic functions. Tarpaulin and rear doors open and close, tension belts

Config Autoload and Autoload XXS: The well-known autoload from Alfalfa (thanks for that). With the XXS version, the pallets must be placed on the loading surface. As in the old version, the IBC tanks (liquid fertilizers and pesticides) do not fit side by side on the loading area, so the transport should take place with the autoload activated.

16 pallets, 12 board pallets, 36 big bags, 18 IBC tanks, 36 boxes, 18 seedling pallets, 33 square bales, 38 round bales, 180 egg boxes, 16 mission pallets and 2 cotton bales can be loaded.

!!! Watch out! The Mod Easy Autoload is mandatory and can be downloaded here for free (registration required):

Download Easy Auto Load

Config bulk goods: With this you can drive bulk goods from A to B, unloading threshers, filling machines etc. capacity 60000L.

Config liquids: The same as for bulk goods only with liquids of all kinds capacity 60000L.

If anything is missing from the goods, please report it, you can add it.

For the forklift:
It has two configurations: standard and autoload. The Konfig Autoload can transport 2 pallets, 1 board pallet, 2 boxes, 2 big bags and 1 IBC tank. Unloading is possible either on or in front of the fork.

!!! Watch out! It is not possible to secure the truck in the Autoload configuration using a tension belt at the rear. The autoload script does not take the TensionBeltObject specialization that is required for this. However, thanks to DynamicMountTrigger and CAREFUL driving style, it should still hold.

Finally, my thanks go to my testers Uncle Mars, Blueraidsix, ralfrhoen, Mushu, Pulimatrix, etebteb and Agarwen who all contributed to a flawless mod whether single player, multiplayer or dediserver.

And as always:
This mod is exclusive to LSMC. A redistribution and re-uploading in parts of it is not desired without my prior approval.

Support only https://ls-modcompany.com


  • Jean
    2019-12-27 12:29
    0 1
    rien dans le dossier ?
  • Name
    2019-12-27 18:42
    1 1
    Pour Jean, il faut que tu dezippe le mod il y a 2 archive zip; dans l'archive rar ;)
  • Jean
    2019-12-27 18:47
    0 1
    quand je dezippe cela mes pas d archive ?
  • Fred
    2019-12-27 23:31
    0 2
    j'ai installé easy autolaod rien sa fonctionne pas et il a activé il faut faire un truc ou pas
  • Name
    2019-12-28 02:30
    1 0
  • Fred
    2019-12-28 10:07
    0 1
    je voudrais faire fonctionné autoload j'ai mi le mod easy autoload mais rien pas d'autoload avec j'ai mi la lizard autoload 15.5 toujour rien
  • Name
    2019-12-30 11:41
    0 0
    If you can't speak english piss off onto a site that can understand what your going on about.
  • Xxx


    2019-12-31 17:17
    0 0
    Zum einen der Mitnahmestapler ist okay, aber ....... der Frühhaufetrailer nicht.Dieser lässt beim annähern des Trailers das komplette Spiel einfrieren/ abstürzen im Multiplayer.
  • Toro
    2020-02-17 18:25
    0 0
    Wäre mal schön, wenn dieser einwandfrei funktionieren würde, bei allen LKW´s. Beim ankoppeln dieses Trailers (ob mit oder ohne Heckstapler, das ist egal) friert das Spiel ein.Beim Multiplayer genauso.Also großer Mist.
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