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AIVehicleExtension v1.0.0.0
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AIVehicleExtension v1.0.0.0

The idea behind the new user interface is to move as many settings as possible into new settings dialog. This dialog uses standard elements. Only those options needed for visualization or intermediate action are still available in the head up display (HUD).

New Input Binding:
H: Start or stop the hired worker
Left shift + H: Open the new settings dialog
Left control + H: Open the head up display
Left alt. + H: Enable or disable automatic steering
Left alt. + V: Raise or lower all tools
Left alt. + 6: Swap side

Stefan Biedenstein

  • Trueblue

    Trueblue (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 21:07
    7 1
    doesn't work gutted aswell as really like it for sp in 17/15
  • Rdowns
    2019-02-08 21:46
    6 0
    don't work
  • Pawel

    Pawel (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 21:47
    2 0
    niedziala wogole
  • Aju

    Aju (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 22:29
    3 0
    error /FS19_AIVehicleExtension/register.lua:8: attempt to index field 'specializations' (a nil value)
  • Billy

    Billy (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 22:49
    4 0
    don`t work
  • Albert

    Albert (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 22:54
    2 0
    bonsoir petit problème ça fonctionne pas
  • Albert

    Albert (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 23:37
    1 0
    re je te montre lerreur 2019-02-08 21:57 Error: C:/Users/foflo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_AIVehicleExtension/register.lua:8: attempt to index field 'specializations' (a nil value)
  • Snowman

    Snowman (GUEST)

    2019-02-08 23:43
    6 0
    Doesn't seam to be working but i am glade someone is trying to make auto combine
  • Majo

    Majo (GUEST)

    2019-02-09 00:22
    4 1
    schade... das der mod nicht geht!!!
  • Fake file

    Fake file (GUEST)

    2019-02-09 00:24
    9 2
    Guys, this file is a fake. The only bit of conversion done to this has been to edit the modDesc version. This file will never work on FS 19, it needs a rewrite. And that rewrite isn't going to be coming
  • Why so greyface?
    2019-02-09 01:41
    0 1
    Who says?Now that the seal is broken, woohoo!
  • Pat stringer

    Pat stringer (GUEST)

    2019-02-09 01:48
    5 0
  • @ pat

    @ pat (GUEST)

    2019-02-09 14:36
    0 0
    no, really? I guess you're not multilingual and can't read all of the posts above.But it's actually the real one from FS17
  • Albert

    Albert (GUEST)

    2019-02-09 18:24
    0 0
    bonjour dit moi je pense que ce mod est du fs 17 je voi pas que mod hub la mis la dessus il faudrait alerter le grand giant cest pas normal tous ca
  • Warondar

    Warondar (GUEST)

    2019-02-10 00:07
    0 0
    As someone posted, well more than one, it's a fake. I would LOVE to have AI Extension, Auto-Combine, or GPSMod, the REAL ones, but I'm not holding my breath. FS19 is a completely different beast than previous FS series releases, and it's very difficult and different to mod and code properly, maybe too much.
  • Albert

    Albert (GUEST)

    2019-02-10 00:31
    0 0
  • Ryan

    Ryan (GUEST)

    2019-02-10 04:55
    0 0
    Doesn't work will wait for update and to make sure the update actually works how its supposed to this is not a fake mod settings exactly as it was in 17 looking forward to using it as my fields that are on current map are not straight actual round fields based in wisconsin
  • Dutch farmer

    Dutch farmer (GUEST)

    2019-02-10 20:15
    0 0
    Is this a genuine upload by Stefan? I can't imagine that he uploads a bad mod.He is also the author (Mogli) of the 17 version and that was a great mod.I am not surprised if someone else did an attempt to convert it and used his name for the upload.
  • Contour420

    Contour420 (GUEST)

    2019-02-12 20:06
    0 1
    Why was this even uploaded to the site? Its a fs17 mod with a terrible attempt to convert. All this is doing is creating false hope. Giants need to get on this because without Seasons mod and Auto Combine this game is terrible. I will not buy the game until these mods are working.
  • Guest guest guest
    2019-02-17 02:46
    0 0
    It was uploaded to try to get clicks. That's all this site is. Bots and thieves scouring the web to cash in on other peoples hard work. BTW this site is not run by Giants for those that seem to be confused.
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