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Miner's MeGa TraiLeR Bigggest Low Loader Ever v0.8
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Miner's MeGa TraiLeR Bigggest Low Loader Ever v0.8

FS Miner's Creations!
I proudly present you my BIGGG last creation The Mega Trailer !!!
This low loader designed to transport the Liebherr 9800 But you can use it to move combines or other machines :)
I and Nonnus work on this to make it better , this relese is a late beta version.

The mod is error free but the puller need some work , the mods tested and work fine at multiplayer gaming.
Hope you like that prototype entry :)))

To Download Follow The Youtube Link

Visit My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMiXyCoP_vqMgYxv5aBvKw
Support my work: paypal.me/NGeorgios
I see my mods at other sites and they don't respect the download links....

Megatrailer FS Miner

  • Fuckoff
    2020-07-04 19:40
    1 14
  • Name
    2020-07-05 05:34
    2 2
    Do you have a headache? Go to the doctor!!!
  • Me


    2020-07-06 02:58
    0 0
    well now you can haul FDR's junk around
  • Space cam
    2020-07-07 03:11
    0 1
    where you down load this mod
  • Space cam
    2020-07-07 03:18
    0 1
    the low loader needs to be solid you are mot suppose to be d\seeing the grass coming through the bottom of the low loader when driving on grass surface needs fixing
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