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FS19 4X US Stock Flat v1.0
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FS19 4X US Stock Flat v1.0

FS19 4X US Stock Flat

Created from modmap Ravenport in editor 8.1

Entire Ravenprot includes triggers, fields and game play icluded.


Ground level set to 86.629 flat

Terrain detail set to 0 + 1

Decofoilage removed

Some of the Ravenport is higher some is lower due to flat map.

Ready to build, delete what you dont want, import what you want that is not included.

Have fun with it.


Recommend ShyWizard YouTube videos


Field creation – FS19



Placeable system & triggers – FS19



Adding selling points – FS19



  • Awful map
    2019-02-11 16:15
    3 3
    this map in unusable, d/l and you will see
  • Name
    2019-02-11 16:35
    0 4
    это не карта это что. все объекты в воздухе. для чего этот мод не пойму.
  • Zero
    2019-02-11 18:07
    4 4
    the next shit map from idiots
  • Parzival
    2019-02-12 07:05 Send message
    0 0
    not my fault one does not understand how to unzip a file, and open in editor, lol
  • Parzival
    2019-02-12 07:16 Send message
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    just downloaded this exact file, no errors or warnings, idiot guide: download zip file, put in location you want, (documents folder whatever) . right click file extract to "FS19_4X_Map" let it make the folder with the exact same name, go to the unzipped folder that was created, if you want a new name you have to edit the files after you unzip it...... in FS19_4X_Map/maps there is a file mapUS.i3d double click that file and make sure you have the new editor 8.1 and open with 8.1.....
  • Parzival
    2019-02-12 07:19 Send message
    0 0
    watch the videos above that is recommended for all the rest required to build your map, this is an empty map, you have to create your fields, yet the required transform groups are already there for you to move to the correct place you made your field, triggers etc and add it the way you want, if you want to edit a map go download one and edit it, this is to make your own!!!! snap out of it people...
  • Parzival
    2019-02-12 07:22 Send message
    0 0
    if you change the file folder name, without editing the files within the folder it will not work..... basic to computers...... you need to link the new map name you choose by editing the files required, also shown above in recommended videos....
  • Parzival
    2019-02-12 07:38 Send message
    0 0
    as you can see from the new screenshot(date time and folder), I downloaded this exact file, and unzipped it in downloads and then opened it, no errors or warnings,....
  • Koalat
    2019-02-15 21:03 Send message
    1 0
    Are people really bagging on a map meant for modders to mod it? If any had any sense, they'd know it has nothing and not playable like a normal, finished map.... People are so dumb and ignorant.
  • Armyvet
    2019-02-16 04:11
    1 0
    My computer whiz son figured out how to fix Giants Editor to work on my computer.... This blank map is exactly what I was looking for to try to teach myself now how to create maps. I'd like to thank you for posting this helpful "map"
  • Faelandaea
    2019-02-21 21:03 Send message
    2 0
    [email protected] The morons who can't read a simple description. Thank you, PARZIVAL, for giving modders options for map creation. It is appreciated.
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