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Honda ATC 200X 1984 v1.0.0.0
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Honda ATC 200X 1984 v1.0.0.0

I know that will hurt some people feelings haha. Well, to begin with, I'm not really happy with how it turned out, that's why I left the first version with the dynamics suspension zipped in with the mod (they don't conflict) if you want to try to make it work properly, what I couldn't do even after 5 days, so right now only the wheels move, it drive a bit like a pieces of cr*p, be thankfull for giants sh*t physics lmao, it weight just a bit over 200 kg, it's really short and only have one wheel in front so nothing to help, I just hope you manage to have fun with it, thank you.


  • Name
    2020-04-09 11:51
    2 24
    WEll i thik your skills are a bit shit you canty even make a vehicle work
  • Freaking awesome!
    2020-04-09 14:53
    13 2
    Dude! this thing is awesome!
  • @name
    2020-04-09 15:57
    11 2
    yea wtf this thing has nothing wrong with it the gear shifting and the backing up is great cuz i don't think these had reverse.to the creator of this mod can u make a honda quad?
  • 12271
    2020-04-09 16:04 Send message
    6 2
    This little thing is sick!
  • 12271
    2020-04-09 16:17 Send message
    4 5
    Can you please make a straight piped 2017 Coleman CT200U-EX, please?
  • Honda rider12122
    2020-04-09 20:12
    7 1
    This thing is awesome! I have one of the in real life and it is just like the real thing
  • @name
    2020-04-09 21:28
    4 10
    you probably cant even edit a mod let alone make a mod that nobody has made
  • Name
    2020-04-10 00:44
    1 1
    I can too, my mom says i am really good.
  • @name
    2020-04-10 01:37
    3 6
    lmao, go back to sucking your cousin off
  • Todd
    2020-04-10 03:07
    3 1
    reminds me of my teen years.drove one on grandparents farm and lived.lol
  • Dmort51
    2020-04-10 06:11 Send message
    1 4
    how bout a kawa kvf700 praire lime green
  • Wedge
    2020-04-10 11:07
    4 1
    oh wow, this brings back memories. grew up buzzing around the farm on an 85 250sx
  • @12271
    2020-04-10 17:22
    2 1
    Dude! That would be so sick! I actually have one in real life with a stage 1 performance kit on it. Good suggestion!
  • Bigrich says..
    2020-04-11 09:25
    0 5
    NAME sucks his mothers dick and doesnt mind being an inbreed love child of his mothers first cousin from the hillbilly hoe stroll side of the county, who owe Jesus Food Stamps..and their bloodtype is Ragu' moma got two stomachs, one for meat and the other for vegitables..i seen NAME in town once, kicking an empty can around..looked lonely and lost..i said 'NAMEless what ya doing bud'...he said..'aww not much - just moving'
  • Best thing ever
    2020-04-11 21:15
    5 1
    This is very nice> I would like to request that can you please make a 1986 Honda fourtrax 200SX
  • Bob americana
    2020-04-11 21:35
    2 0
    I have a scar on my leg from one of these...made a jump and landed wrong. my foot came off the peg and then went under the left rear wheel....skinned my calf and thigh . these things were dangerous to the rider but a heck of a lot of fun
  • 12271
    2020-04-11 23:42 Send message
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    The 212 cc motor on a Coleman ct200u-ex is actually based off a honda motor. Just thought a guy would give you a fun fact, @@12271
  • 12271
    2020-04-11 23:44 Send message
    2 1
    The trike won't work in my game. Am I doing something wrong? Don't hesitate to give a guy any tips.
  • Ken


    2020-04-12 02:18
    3 0
    this is awesome I have a couple trikes IRL and now I can have them in farm sim amazing
  • Truth hurts
    2020-04-12 02:33
    1 7
    this mod is as useful as a shit flavored lollipop.....
  • Bigrich says
    2020-04-13 02:53
    0 0
    me, my 2 brothers and 4 sisters and our friends didnt get harmmed..you had schin rubs, branches smacking fingers and hands, stuff like that. my parents owned 2..one a 79 'fat tire" and an 80s 250 that i wheelie walked through our suburb neighborhood. we made snow ramps that circled our house and made a mini slide track in 82..that shit was fun as fuck. and these 3 wheel trikes made it a blast on frozen snow and ice. Stupid parents bough their stupid ass kids these Trikes..we can help it they did
  • Bigrich continued part - huh
    2020-04-13 02:57
    0 0
    not know how to ride. i rememebr the bratty little mouthy bastard across the street, saw us in winter of 82 having fun on our trikes riding on our ice banked turns that circeled our house..my dad in areas even put up tarps to block the view..next thing we know, that little bastard has one..rippin down the streets..he got ran over by a dump truck leaving our suburb neighborhood...and bamb..just like that ATC were gone the following year..because of one dumb ass kid who didnt know how to ride. rui
  • Alex2ruote
    2020-04-13 05:11
    0 0
    I like it. Other bikes seem silly because they don't lean when they curve, while this behaves almost like a real trike, apart from the fact that it can't tip over. My farmer is a girl and her ass looks amazing on that saddle. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that the front light is useless, nighttime rides can be very dangerous.
  • 12271
    2020-04-13 07:15 Send message
    2 1
    Can you also please make a Honda Monkey Z50? That would be awesome!!
  • 12271
    2020-04-14 07:27 Send message
    0 1
    Can someone please tell me how to get this thing to work in my game?
  • He,,k
    2020-04-15 01:40
    0 1
    Hello! Im just saying this thing is AWESOME or even SICK. Its good for crusing 'round the farm and add tiny bit more speed and 100mph. Thats cool.Also add a hitch and then i can tow my heder trailer...
  • Its bad
    2020-04-18 03:10
    0 2
    What do you mean dude it spins around like a maniac and wont stay straight download this
  • J*ke
    2020-04-19 14:16
    0 2
    Dont bother downloading this piece of crap he blames the giant physics but he just can't mod
  • Rob


    2020-04-20 18:04
    1 0
    I am sick of all the hate in the comments and the creator of this modification can u make more different kinds brands and more colors and make some for wheelers with different colors and make them with cool sounds and stuff for PC and have them be on here ModHub Us. and we can download them off of modHub also can u make some dirt bikes
  • Honeybee78
    2020-04-21 09:34 Send message
    1 0
    there will be a honda four trax from austin
  • 1 0
    This is all the community has turned into. Make this, make that, make these, where can I download, is it public, and my personal favorite, make it for console. You retards need to get some common fucking sense and use this thing called etiquette (if you do not know what that is just go back to fucking your brother you mouth breathers). The parental guidance is also at blame because you dumbass little cunts wouldn't know politeness from your crusty cum filled little assholes and your parents t
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