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FS19 How to Grow and Harvest Carrots v1.0
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FS19 How to Grow and Harvest Carrots v1.0

In today's FS 19 Mods Timelapse Showcase, I will show how to Grow and Harvest Carrots in FS2019. I think it is my first FS 2019. First of all, you need the right LS19 map - Südhemmern. Here is the list of all the LS2019 equipment mods in the video: Two FS19 Tractors: JOHN DEERE 2016-2018 8R SERIES ROW CROP and VERSATILE 500 LS19 Cultivator Mod: KÖCKERLING ALLROUNDER FS 19 JOHN DEERE DB60 24 ROW Planter Mod The FS2019 USA CHEVROLET SILVERADO 4500HD pickup truck and KRAZ dump truck with the trailer. For hauling pallets, I am using a trailer with an autoloading option from ICONIK EAL HAULERS ls 19 Pack. Carrot Harvester comes with FS19 Südhemmern Multifruit Map.

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    2019-06-09 15:17
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    You must be so desperate for people to watch your videos on Youtube that you feel the need to post the links here on Modhub. This is for mods, not videos. Hence the name "Modhub" rather than "Videohub". Upload mods here if you want to do something useful. Even an idiot know how to grow and harvest carrots. You did.
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    This retard again... are the admins on vacation or something? Let's all start uploading dick pics, apparently anything goes
  • Stop uploading garbage
    2019-06-09 18:52
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    this mod/video is as gay as the lawn care garbage " tim modding" keeps uploading!!!!
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