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John Deere Girl Edition Menu Background v1.0
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John Deere Girl Edition Menu Background v1.0

John Deere Girl Edition Menu Background
Copy and paste Game Folder
How insert the background?
* C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Farming Simulator 19 shared <- just copy the included "splash.dds" and "splashBlur.dds" files, done.
Rozbalte zip. soubor a oba soubory nakopírujte do adresáře s hrou, konkrétně do složky "shared" a dejte přepsat stávající soubory!


  • Wtf


    2019-08-25 04:30
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    I was all rev'd up until I seen that link....
  • Myro777
    2019-08-25 10:45
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    Zrobił by ktoś takie menu do Farming Simulator 19 ale nie Steam :)
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  • Trueblue
    2019-08-25 16:38
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    dosent work now I have a blank page
  • Wat the f...
    2019-08-25 20:35
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    this mod as fucked up ythe title screen, thats a right piss off.how do i get it back cos this mod aint fucking working tidy like u c in the mod pic.
  • Maddawg
    2019-08-26 01:39 Send message
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    It dose not work. I did it all just the way I am to do so and all I have is a black screen with a JD tractor on it and that is all realy sucks
  • Maddawg
    2019-08-26 01:52 Send message
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    To let you all know; If you downloaded your FS19 from Steam, you can verify integrity of game files and it will restore it back to the game screen.
  • Wat the f...
    2019-08-26 10:36
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    thank u MADDAWG for the help in getting the screen back to normal :-)
  • Guest
    2019-08-26 11:31
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    @Comment YOUR A BELLEND!
  • Team farmer
    2019-08-26 16:04
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    Works perfectly fine, if you open every folder as instructed to in install file, before copying files, move the original files to a sub folder so if you want to go back to them. DO NOT over right or paste both in same folder. That is why you are getting a black screen
  • Danijelbačaj
    2019-08-26 20:37
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    kako instalirati taj mod može li se on uopće instalirati ili nemože
  • Danijelbačaj
    2019-08-26 20:38
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    kako instalirati taj mod
  • Fap


    2019-08-27 03:43
    2 0
    now all you nerds can fap and farm
  • Name
    2019-08-27 06:22
    0 0
    this mod does not work as described, you just end up with blank background
  • Tfsgroup
    2019-08-27 22:16 Send message
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    Pourquoi la girl.Nul besoin d'artifices pour vendre un mod....
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