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FS19 Lamborghini Murcielago v1.0
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FS19 Lamborghini Murcielago v1.0

Another fresh convert from FS15 to FS19! It's a 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago by Sotillo, updated lights, tires, and dirt maps. Interior and textures are all still the same from FS15. Enjoy!

Bo's Custom Garage, Sotillo

  • Ganoush
    2020-11-23 01:48 Send message
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    Crap. Wheels are too are large and show through the car paneling. Car sound is terrible. Car lurches side to side when turning. And the car accelerates slower than a fat kid on a bicycle. Crap!
  • Bitch
    2020-11-23 13:01
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    ye it is slow the accelaration and the modle it is to squished up#
  • Ok chill
    2020-11-23 13:24
    1 3
    ok chill its a new conversion and yes it has a few bugs but surely it can be fixed
  • Name
    2020-11-24 05:23
    3 0
    But the most important question: where to attach the cultivator ? )))
  • Fuck joe biden
    2020-11-24 15:41
    0 0
    go fuck your self let him be i like it the camper the bull shut need to stop and nice job on the camper
  • Fesdf
    2020-11-24 18:53
    1 0
    Please fix this!
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