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FS19 Load Trail triple v1.0.0.0
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FS19 Load Trail triple v1.0.0.0

Triple Axle Car Trailer for Farming simulator 19
Price: 11000
Category: Lowloaders
Credits: Iconik, Lance


  • Name
    2020-11-14 16:54
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  • Lance
    2020-11-14 16:58
    2 3
    this is my trailer from my discord.
  • Comment...
    2020-11-14 18:45
    12 0
    and what you are guys gonna do about it???? im not sure who released this mod, but your not gonna do anything by putting your cute little comments and sit on your ass all day.
  • Lol


    2020-11-14 19:49
    4 4
    Keep it private if you want it not to be published. And stop thinking random people on discord are your trusted friends.
  • Wow is all i can say
    2020-11-14 21:22
    1 3
    It is REALLY messed up that people keep doing this. But yet, they wonder why fewer and fewer mods are coming out. This community is as toxic as Chernobyl. Especially when people try to let everyone know that this is a stolen mod, the other asshats show their true colors by absolutely shredding the TRUE creators for various, absolutely ridiculous reasons. Disgusting.
  • Original modder
    2020-11-14 22:18
    8 0
    to the people whining about about being the original modder, you should be embarrassed. this simple mod is 44mb, that's embarrassing. a mod like this should be about 4mb tops. yet people are wanting to take credit for this monstrosity of poor textures and mega triangles. unbelievable
  • Dylan
    2020-11-14 23:43
    0 1
    can you hall a big bud and a semi with this??:):):)
  • @original modder
    2020-11-15 00:59
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    its 44 mb because it has multiple options including 2 wheel options and 3 deck options. The wheels on it are also a 10 mb model from a site
  • Comment...
    2020-11-15 20:32
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    @LOL: I completely agree with you. Modders still haven't seemed to learn that yet. Those "trusted" Patreon supporters or discord users will turn around release it under their name or leak it. Modders, don't complain if your mod is stolen or leaked because of YOUR decision to release it publicly.
  • Awsome
    2020-11-16 01:46
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    i love this trailer i use itfor my razers i can fit two on nic good looking trailer
  • @name
    2020-11-17 04:22
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    "NOT YOURS DELETE NOW"?? LMAO. Your all caps words don't scare anyone. I wasn't going to download it but after seeing your comment I'm now going to. LOL. Now what?
  • Write a comment
    2020-11-17 05:59
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    Oh boy, another sausage fest here. First, calm your tits children. Second, remember this is a PUBLIC mod hosting site. Third, remember that modders who release their mods PUBLICLY will be shared to every PUBLIC mod site on the internet... PUBLICLY. Fourth, hush up, and go eat your Cheerio's.
  • Listen here
    2020-11-17 23:14
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    The fs19 community needs to calm down like we are all friends here. I dont get why modders cant just release there mod for everyone to enjoy and if you dont want to release it until a certain date I understand that but we all need to stop insulting eachother
  • That's what she said
    2020-11-18 09:55
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    Yeah, well tell Alan the mets suck
  • Pwr kaz
    2020-11-21 22:26
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    Can you fix the ramps plz? They are a bit weird
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