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FS19 Money Cheater v1.3
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FS19 Money Cheater v1.3

This is my first script ever for FS19. So bear with me. :-)

Version 1.3
Fixed issues:
- Default all farmland was set to own, regardless of your choice

Known issues:
- Windows tells you the application is from a non-trusted source. Of course, you can trust the application

This small PC application gives you quick access to the Savegames in Farming Simulator 19, where you can set your bank amount without going through the XML files yourself.

It is also possible to set all the fields at once to your farm.
You will need .NET Framework 4.5 or higher in order to use this application. Download it here.
Unzip the EXE file first before you run it.
If you have any recommendation or problem, please let me know! A (positive) rating would motivate me to further improve this application.
Happy farming!


  • Frank furter
    2019-07-23 06:12
    1 0
    Gotta love the money mod. The game just wouldn't be right without it!
  • Farmerb
    2019-07-23 12:59
    1 0
    Hmm.. Really don't see the point of all this... when it only takes a few seconds to easily put xx million $ in your bank?
  • Important
    2020-03-25 01:20
    0 0
    what software is the best for making vehicle mods
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