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FS19 SIMPLEIC v0.9.1.3
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FS19 SIMPLEIC v0.9.1.3

New Interactive Control Script for FS19

The most important thing:
How do I test this?
download FS19 simpleIC zip and add to modfolder
download my Agrostar 6.61 Edit I released for christmas, it already has simpleIC added. click_here
go ingame and have fun
What this is:

This is a new take on the well known Interactive Control Scripts in Farming Simulator.
Since there hasn’t been a well-working bug-free version of the old scripts in FS19, and since I always didn’t like the way the Mouse is used, I created this alternative.

This is a global script, which means that it doesn’t have to be added to each Mod seperately, no additional modDesc.xml changes like l10n Texts etc. neccessary.
Obviously the vehicle-xml and i3d still has to be edited, the script can’t magically seperate doors and add trigger-points.
But as soon as the needed lines are added, IC will be active as long as you have this mod active.
this also means that people who don’t like IC don’t have to remove it all vehicle-mods, just not activate this mod.
this also means that there’s only one IC version and not 50 different ones that get into conflict with each other
updates to IC are global and useable in all mods
Now for the bad parts

still Beta
still Bugs
not even close to the amount of features the original IC Script had in FS17. (But I’m working on that )
How to add this to my Mod:

I will create videos explaining the process of adding simpleIC to your vehicle.
If you already know modding well, here’s a short explanation: (look at the linked Deutz Agrostar above to see the full XML lines)

outsideInteractionTrigger = playerTrigger in which the player can open doors and other outside-stuff from the outsideanimationName = name of the animation for the dooranimationSpeed = speed of the animation (obvious)shared animation = not added yetsoundVolumeIncreasePercentage = by how much will the sound-volume increase if that door is opened.
Values will be added together for more than one door, max is outdoorSoundVolume insideTrigger and outsideTrigger = “Triggerpoints” e.g. transformGroups that mark the spot where the IC component can be clicked triggerPoint = index / i3dMapping name for the transformGroup triggerPointSize = size/radius around the triggerPoint where it still registeres as being clicked.


  • Be careful
    2020-01-27 04:01
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    this is probably the one that is completely incompatible with courseplay
  • @be careful
    2020-01-27 04:57
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    nope plays fine with courseplay. But it has to be installed on the mod by the modder total different than regular IC
  • Smart ! ! !
    2020-01-27 07:01
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    About time someone came up with a bright idea like this, now if can you just get modders who think that IC toys for "in-cab only", is more important than CP. CP with one of the top mods out there, but anymore, half the mods released have bad IC, and none of them will work with CP. This would sure solve a lot of problems! Problem is they would have to make an effort on their part, most of the moders (editors) just copy'paste other moder's xml lines.
  • Fuckoff
    2020-01-28 16:13
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    FUCK OFF to another games WITH YOUR CoursePlay you are mamas kids !!!!! Fucked bastards !!!
  • Oh no
    2020-01-29 15:01
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    Ok boys we have to be careful. The Troll known as fuckoff has spoken.......ohhhhhhh im worried and scared....LMAO
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