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FS19 TS 1520 By Sam
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FS19 TS 1520 By Sam

hi Guys

this was a meadow triegl which now funkrioniert as Tiefenlockerer. (small info, Tiefenlockern is better than plowing and has the same function as a plow, you can only create no fields with it, but it does not need to be roughened after loosening.)

He has a color picker, a working speed of about 30 km / h and the maintenance interval has also been increased.

Please, who does not want this, do not download this and please do not stupid comments. Thank you.

Modell: Gaints
Textur: Sam
Idee / Konzept: Sam
Tester: Sam

  • Ewanc
    2019-01-06 14:42 Send message
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    Thanks, this works perfect! Its cheep, fast and has a low HP rating. I like that its huge but folds up very compact.
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